C2C Connects are about harnessing the incredible power of community. Bevy is building communities In. Real. Life. What better way to learn and grow and teach, than to come together with like-minded people, and share with each other your experiences? Below you’ll find the five Ws of a C2C Connect, who, what, why, and when!

1) First of all, WHO is a C2C Connect for?

C2C Connects are created for customer to customer marketing professionals such as User Group Program Managers, Community Managers, Builders and Leaders; Field Marketers, Social Media Managers, and Event Organizers! Connects fulfil the need for C2C professionals to share actionable strategies and advice. A C2C Connect is the perfect opportunity to reach out to your network; to reconnect with old peers, or establish stronger connections with new acquaintances. And who is going to organize all of this? We call them Connect Leaders. A Connect Leader is the leader of a community, the super-user, the natural teacher, the trusted advisor. The Connect leader is driven, passionate, assertive, and knowledgeable.

2) So, WHAT exactly is a C2C Connect?

C2C Connects are about sharing information, having discussions, and building a knowledge base about Customer to Customer (C2C) marketing. C2C marketing is when customers share information, relay tales of their own experiences, and share pro tips. Instead of the company telling the consumer what they need, the consumers themselves are spreading the word. (For a more detailed introduction to Customer to Customer marketing, check out this blog post!).

By connecting with a community of like-minded Brands and Customers, the knowledge base grows, it becomes easier to teach and learn, and everyone benefits. Our goal is to reach out and inspire community leaders all over the world.

3) So, WHY have an event?

C2C Connects are events, to which you invite all your peers that might be interested in learning and discussing the challenges, opportunities, and wins they are facing as a community builder. The strength of a community is determined by each individual and the best way to strengthen yours is to build each other up. And there is no better way than to do that than In Real Life. Connects can take shape in multiple ways; as roundtable chats, panel discussions, or presentations, and each event will centre around one main topic.

4) and 5) Ok, WHEN is the next C2C Connect? And WHERE will it be?

C2C Connects started in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and are expanding to Austin, Calgary, Chicago, Denver, New York, Toronto, Phoenix, Seattle, and Vancouver... and more! C2C Connects can happen all over the world. Where will YOU bring us?

Head to this website to check when your community is Connecting next!

And click here to learn more about becoming a C2C Connect Leader!