Every community has started from a humble beginning. Ours is no different. On August 23rd, Bevy kicked off our first of many local events, gathering community event professionals from range of different backgrounds and companies. We found it to be a little nostalgic as we had the same number of people attend as Startup Grind did when it first began, a community that now has over 400 cities all over the world.

Community has a way of finding people from all different backgrounds and skill sets with one common theme: a love of people. So we asked this question:

When you got into college, did you say, “I want to become a community manager!”?

One attendee, who majored in communications, started in community building when she worked for the county government hosting town halls. Along the way, she dabbled with graphic design and eventually moved into marketing for most of her career. She found that she loved producing events because meeting people in person was so powerful.

Another communications major (we might have a theme here) started in publishing and saw people leveraging events to reach their audience. From there, she moved into marketing and gradually into community. She stated she realized the power of in-person communities when she noticed how distrustful people were of each other online. When they met face to face, it changed everything.

Another attendee had quite a twist in his career, working in academies, startups, and burning man communities! He comes from tech and his job was to study communities. What he found was that as he was studying these various communities, he would inevitably become a part of those communities. Most notably, he started communities North Korea to teach about entrepreneurship. He shared that the founder community might be underground, but is furiously passionate.

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